FX Reporter

FX Reporter

FX Reporter is a personal lifestyle app for people interested in reporting to a cloud-based informational map where fireworks are being discharged. FX Reporter allows you to record information on places where you see fireworks being used. Most fireworks are illegal in the State of California, and many people want to be able to register their concerns. You may select the overall location, grab some photos, and submit the report. Your report can be anonymous.

FX Reporter is not a call for service. If you see a fire or damage related to fireworks, please dial 911.

FX Reporter is designed to highlight the areas where fireworks are most commonly being reported. The app reporting map may be reviewed by local police and fire authorities, but only for informational purposes. Remember, you may report data anonymously, so your personal information is protected.

Currently, FX Reporter has been designed for use in the greater Los Angeles County community. Future versions may be applicable to other communities.